Actress Pisay Pao talks Z Nation, Fashion and Healthy Living


Words and Interview by: Royse Todd

Since the start of the thrilling new season of “Z Nation”, the cast has been busy fighting off zombies and trying to save the world from total destruction. However, I was able to pull the attention of star, Pisay Pao and discuss with her the disgusting zombies that now were a part of her everyday life.  Born in Thailand, the natural beauty had the makeup of a star and drive that took her career to new heights. Pisay came to the states along with her parents who had the dream that she would become academically brilliant. Although she did excel academically, Pisay had dreams of her own which included her passion for being in front of the camera. After one year at the University of Washington, Pisay left and pursed a career in fashion while still doing some work within the performing arts. After graduating, she looked into living her dream. It did not take her long to snag commercial gigs and the attention of different agencies and shortly after doing local commercials and some movies, she packed her bags and moved to L.A. where she earned the role as Cassandra in the skin twisting zombie fighting series, “Z Nation.” I was intrigued to learn about Pisay, the new season, and her future endeavors. 

You’ve always had a niche for acting. What was the eye opener that gave you the inspiration to go after what seems to be your calling?
I was getting to a turning point in my life where I did not know what I was doing or where I was going. Every decision I wanted to make was somehow bound by finances so I asked myself what I would do if I won the lotto and did not have to worry about money. The first thing that came to mind was moving to LA to pursue acting. I realized that even with all the money in the world, I still wanted to pursue my dreams and at the same time I realized what my dreams actually were at that moment! I will never forget it.

It seems like everything happened so fast with your career. Was there ever any conflicts or setbacks that really brought you down?
The first year in LA was really hard for me emotionally. I just had not found my groove, my friends, or my routine. I was still discovering the city and myself. My agent back in Seattle (Melissa Baldauf) was really supportive. She told me to give it at least two years. I did and everything started working out right around the two year mark.

Tell us about Z Nation.
Z Nation takes place 3 years after the zombie apocalypse. My character Cassandra, along with a group of other survivors, are trying to get the only known human to have survived a zombie bite to a blood lab in California so we can reproduce a cure. We do not quite make it there but we run into a lot of other things along the way like Viagra zombies and a zombie bear. It is a bloody fun time.


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