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“The Brooklyn-bred singer… reminiscent of Frank Ocean meets The Weeknd meets Childish Gambino” – VIBE


New York, NY – June 23, 2015 – Alternative/R&B crooner, Adrian Daniel, has been hard at work curating his captivating signature sound, which has received critical acclaim. The video for his last single “Fool” exploded the Brooklyn-based artist’s momentum and garnered features on VH1 Soul, MTV, LOGO, VIBE, and more. Today, Adrian has partnered with Complex to unleash his new single, a soulful jam entitled “Wildfire”. Adrian teamed up with long-time collaborator and in-house producer Rudy Carino for the track, sharing the song is about “deserving love just because we exist. Even in our darkest most destructive moments, whether we are harmed or have harmed others due to destructive, dangerous and selfish behavior when we don’t feel deserving of love. For others to take the risk to love us – flaws, scars, and all, and hoping there is always someone who’s got your back. Our mind tells us we don’t need anyone, even pushing folks away, yet deep inside there is a wildfire raging against rejection, violence, while yearning for the very thing we want – love… and to just be free to be who we are.”


Listen to “Wildfire” on Complex, here: http://bit.ly/1FyMpkj 


“The bold release features Daniel at an emotional hurdle, as he tackles the idea of deserving love while dealing with past scorn and heartbreak, and though that leads him to turn away from others, he’s still coveting that feeling of love.” – Complex


Upcoming Performances:

July 9 – Webster Hall – New York, NY

August 5 – Pianos – New York, NY


About Adrian Daniel:

Brooklyn born New York native singer/songwriter /_\drian Daniel music career began at the age of three singing and dancing to ‘r_o_c_k_i_n_ _r_o_b_i_n_’ _in his pre-school talent show. Throughout his childhood he cannot recall not being on stage performing. During his pre-teens and teens six years of /_\drian’s young career as a professional dancer landed him on some of the most infamous stages in the business such as the Apollo Theater, New Jersey Performing Arts Center, and the Brooklyn Academy of Music a venue where for half a decade he would perform two grueling 2 hours shows a day for four straight days during the Memorial Day weekend.


Eventually he took another stab at singing and determined to embark on a solo career as a singer/songwriter pulled together some friends in the neighborhood who were local musicians to form a band which he named L.D.C. , the first letters of his older Brother’s middle name who manages his own indie label and /_\drian’s last name. During this time band members were revolving as bands often do for a number of reasons but for /_\drian its about the commitment, the drive, the fire in your belly and insatiable hunger to succeed in the business. “You either moving forward with me or you’re left behind”


Later he partnered with a prodigiously talented group of young producers while attending college to craft his first EP as a solo artist ‘Memoirs of a Stoner” -an eclectic blend of soul, alternative and hip hop songs that speaks from his personal experiences. “I knew music was all I wanted to do at 11 but got serious about it around 17”. At age 21 /_\drian’s raw talent, songwriting ability, showmanship, and unique voice landed him quite a few shows. To say he’s been a well prepared and disciplined performer is for others to judge just by the methodical way he is building his career. One of his live performances grabbed the attention of a music review writer who described him as charismatic and unpretentious and his music as “thought provoking” also pinned him as “the next riveting R&B/Pop sensation”.


His music influences include an eclectic group of artist including Kanye West, 30 Seconds to Mars, Kid Cudi, Jay Z, UK’s Sade, Queen, Bob Dylan, Journey, Lauren Hill, Coldplay, and Jimmi Hendrix.



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