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User experience design (UX) could be your professional calling. The job of UX designers isn’t simply to wireframe websites and apps. They act as the voice of users, researching their problems and needs, thinking dozens of steps ahead to predict product challenges, and creating smart solutions to keep them engaged and satisfied.

Our intensive, 10-week User Experience Design Immersive course has helped DC professionals from all kinds of backgrounds change careers with the help of industry-expert instructors. Here are just a few examples of UX designers help companies retain and engage customers. They:

  • Tell a brand’s story with content strategy and visual design
  • Design intuitive web experiences to lengthen browsing time on-site or in an app.
  • Increase the rate at which new users are acquired or convert to a sale.
  • Prevent users from abandoning a shopping cart — or leaving a site altogether for a competitor’s.

One of the best parts of the course? You’ll have created a portfolio to show off your work at exclusive hiring events, and you’ll get dedicated career coaching from day 1. According to GA’s 2014-2015 student Outcomes Report, Measuring What Matters, 99% of full-time course  graduates who participated in our Career Services program got a job in their field of study within 180 days of starting their job search.

Your path starts here.

Ready to take the leap? Submit your application, or chat with an admissions rep to learn about what makes an ideal candidate, how to have a successful admissions interview, and required pre-work for the course.

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