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8th January 2015 marks what would have been Elvis Presley’s 80th birthday. 38 years after his death, his impact on the world of music is still felt.

In celebration of The King, Spotify has created The Elvis Influence, a web app that connects any artist to Elvis based on artistic influence, as well as an Elvisulization audiographic that maps his influence to famous artists of today. By entering any name into the web app, you can see and hear how they have been influenced by Elvis, directly or through other artists.


**Here’s how “The Elvis Influence” works, Something like this… I typed in Jay-Z. These were the results below..


Jay Z was influenced by

Public Enemy

public enemy

who was influenced by

The Clash

the clash

who was influenced by

Elvis Presley



From an analysis of the listening habits of its 50 million users, Spotify reveals the most popular Elvis tracks globally are Suspicious Minds, Jailhouse Rock and In The Ghetto. By looking at the average streaming frequency of Elvis songs by country, Spotify can also reveal that Chile boasts the biggest Elvis fans, followed by Brazil, Argentina, Netherlands and Iceland.

Listen to the ELVIS 80 Playlist on Spotify


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