this is my SUPER SWAG picture…u couldn’t tell me SHIT that day! Look at the GLOW of my SKIN!!! all the conditions were right for this pic! hahahahahahahahaha!


Today is the LAST day of the YEAR! The LAST DAY!

We have spent pretty much spent another 8741 or so hours that breaks down into

524,460 minutes and if u break it down even further its 31,467, 600 seconds!!! 31 damn million seconds! Good or bad, ups and downs, WE MADE IT!!!!!

As far as news is concerned, its been the same thing for 2 weeks! i have been lucky enough to have a #1 record on Beatport (the Bible for EDM music) with Hardwell and W&W (Don’t Stop The Maddness) and another one climbing the charts which is called What The F%@K!!!!! with Dj RWAN.

I want as many people to have it as possible so Im giving everyone the MP3!!!!


I want you to just share it with ONE person to spread the word!

all you have to do is click below to download the mp3 and share it on Facebook or twitter! See how much I love you???? I made it easy! hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

of course I’m giving it to you for FREE but i am really trying to get this record ALL THE WAY up the charts on BEATPORT!!!! If you can, show us some LOVE and pick it up off beatport!!!! Im giving you ALL the mixes, so if u can show a little love and pick it up I would love that! Its like when I watched Wolf of Wall Street online for free – i didn’t have time to go tho the theatre and watch it so I did it on line. but when the movie came out, i brought it on iTunes! Just my little story…..

Well what am I doing today?

Im setting up for the future….january to be exact! I have decide to have daily weekly and monthly goals!

One of the goals for the month of january is to get my website together! I didn’t care about my site and that was one of the BIGGEST MISTAKES I made over the years! Your website is your HUB and where people come to see YOU!!!! Its like a car or a house it must be maintained! and i am GUILTY AS SHIT when it comes to not maintaining it! I can take shots at myself so I will! Do you realize today is the last day of 2014 and I STILL HAVE an ad from NYE 2013 up there? thats HORRIBLE!!! I shouldn’t be SHOT for that but maybe a BEATING is in order!

luckily my guys at are helping me fix my game up. I have 2 sites i can chooses from (keep in mind they are NOT FINISHED) but I am having a problem choosing!

here are the two sites! check them out and tell me which one I should get them to really work on and fine tune!

they ARE NOT FINISHED but give me a idea of which one i should have them FOCUS on!

Choice 1

Choice 2

send me a email at and let me know which one to pick!!!!

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