Get Spinz:Who is Butta B Rocka?

Butta B Rocka: Butta B-Rocka is a Pop, Soft Rock and R&B Artist.

Get Spinz: Where did you get the name Butta B Rocka?

Butta B Rocka: When I leaved in Tampa – and would sing in talent shows people would always say I had a smooth voice, and they start calling me Butta. When I moved to Atlanta, and was in the lab recording background vocals on various projects, people would call me B-Rocka. When I decided to release my debut album I joined the two names! Butta B-Rocka (Cause Butta always B-Rockin) lol)

Get Spinz: What made you want to become an artist?

Butta B Rocka: I’ve wanted to sing since the age of 4. I remember hearing Diana Ross “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” and wanted to be just like her.

Get Spinz: Who did you listen to growing up?

Butta B Rocka: Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson to name a few.

Get Spinz: What projects are you working on?

Butta B Rocka: I’m currently working on my sophomore album, along with writing on some international and domestic projects, that you can find out more in details if you visit my site. @

Get Spinz: Do you prefer track shows or band shows, and why?

Butta B Rocka: I love live bands, a live band takes you on a musical journey, and pulls you into the show.

Get Spinz: Are you signed?

Butta B Rocka: I am an independent artist

Get Spinz: Who have you worked with?

Butta B Rocka: I’ve had the pleasure of working with some great people, on various projects, either for Studio, Demo, or Live performances. Some of the artists are; Zac Brown, Collective Soul, TLC, Akon, International Artist Sandrine to name a few – to see a list of my credits you can visit my website at

Get Spinz: Why are DJ’s so important?

Butta B Rocka: Dj’s make the world go round. They can literally take an unknown artist and make them what people like to say an overnight Hit.

Get Spinz: In your opinion what makes a good manager?

Butta B Rocka: A good Manager to me is someone who’s sees your vision. And does everything in his/her power to make those vision a reality plus some. Someone with a Hustler Mentality always coming up with creative ways for doors to open.

Get Spinz: Are you a model too?

Butta B Rocka: I use to model years ago; I would like to get back into modeling!

Get Spinz: Who have you performed with?

Butta B Rocka: I just finished a 3 mth tour in Africa, I have also performed with Nas, & Zac Brown to name a few

Get Spinz: Where do you see Butta B Rocka in 5 years?

Butta B Rocka: I don’t want to put a cap on myself, the sky is really the limit.

I want to be a International and National Household name! A Grammy award winning Artist/Songwriter. I want to be Everywhere on TV; Acting, Modeling, Dancing, a Spokesmodel etc…

Get Spinz: How can artist/producers get in contact with you?

Butta B Rocka:

Or for booking-

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