#GetSpinzApproved Jay-Mizz is a new brand of hip hop with a lyrical driven talent. Coming from Kansas (Junction City) where dreams are skipped over. The 27 year old artist representing the KMD brand has put a lot of time into making sure the listeners get a feel of captivating word play and something to reflect on with each song. With his first EP dropping titled “WE’LL FIGURE IT OUT” he hasn’t left any room for doubt with phrases of “best rapper ” thrown in , the only difference is he may have some solid evidence with the song’s he has recently dropped his First mixtape “CLASS FINALS AND BAR HOPPIN” where he is backing up every word with confidence and ease. With one of his native artist mates Chinski SNF they have also put an onslaught of freestyles to some of the industries smash hits such as Treys Song’z recent song “nana” and a list of other’s putting their twist on the different artist records. The single Apply Pressure also comes with a visual that is mind blowing and different to say the least once the EP is done a tour will be put on for promotion to spread the sound of this midwest artist! The EP which has no time on release will be surely one to look out for.


Motivation and passion is the key for this artist. “Knowing that it won’t happen over night is what drives me”. Also knowing what he can give the world should drive a person to listen to this artist!. And if all else fails then “we’ll figure it out”.



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