Stage 13/Warner Bros. Digital Networks NYC Press days: cast from “Independent” Sept 21/22

“It’s about the hustle, the vision and the American Hip-Hop dream,” Adrian Guillemet, Executive Producer, “Independent”

Hello media friend!

Reaching out to you re. “Independent” the Stage 13 original digital unscripted series that follows the artistry of hip-hop, while introducing four rappers on the rise: Futuristic, Sean Brown, Trinidad James and Reverie.

The :30 trailer for the series can be viewed by clicking the image above.

Screening at the Urban World Film Fest in NYC on Saturday, Sept 23 at noon, three of the series stars – Trinidad James (one of the top independent hip hop artists and also a star in the forthcoming “Pitch Perfect”), Futuristic (fresh off the WARP music tour) and Reverie (performing in Brooklyn on the 22nd)  will be in NYC and available for media in New York City on September 21 and September 22 in person, or over the phone.

For every Drake, Kanye and Nicki, there are other artists carving their paths to sustain a place in music: a billion dollar industry that changes every minute of the day with new rules, new players. “Independent” is a series about and for those artists.

“Independent” will screen on Saturday, Sept 23 at noon at the AMC Empire with two additional Stage 13 series – the stoner comedy “High & Mighty” and the millennial relationship comedy “I Love Beka & Lucy.” All three series are part of Stage 13.

Screening details:

Saturday, Sept 23: noon (12 p.m.)

Urban World Film Festival:

Web Original Showcase 2

AMC Empire

234 W 42nd St, New York, NY 10036

Series Screening:•High & Mighty (Stoner Stuper-Hero comedy: winner of LAFF Audience Award)
•Independent (Hustle, Vision and the Hip Hop American dream)
•I Love Bekka & Lucy (Scripted, BFF alternative comedy first premiering at SXSW Film Festival)

Let me know if we can carve out some time for you to chat with them.

Also you can log in here for the press site for Stage 13 for more info on all shows including “Independent.”

If you have any problems please contact us and let me know if we can slot you in for some time with the “Independent” cast!

Your friend,

Hanna Bolte, Bolte Media/Stage 13 Comm head