Fittingly, a short urban dance film which adapts the Pacha’s Pajamas story has become the official launch video for the “Heal Our World, Heal Ourselves” campaign. The campaign is calling for more uplifting children’s entertainment.

Over 25 celebrities are backing the campaign including Hill HarperNia Frazier and Dr. Holly Frazier of Dance MomsMichael “Fast” Cherry of BET’s Changing LanesNia PeeplesPrince Raphael ShawanShawn Stockman of Boyz II Men, and cast members from Glee and Big Time Rush.

The song in the video is Pacha’s Pajamas rock-rap anthem “Nature Superhero” featuring fourteen year old rappers Milo McFly and Lil JaXe. Los Angeles native Milo McFly’s life goal is to reduce the disproportionately high dropout rates for black and brown youth. Hailing from Toronto, Lil JaXe was bullied his entire life because of a debilitating stutter…until he realized the stutter goes away when he raps. The song is about honoring our outer and inner natures.

For more information on the campaign or to download Nature Superhero:

For more information on Pacha’s Pajamas visit

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  1. Dave Room

    My favorite part of this video is the connection between the waking world and the dreamworld and the interactions between the nature superheros and the little girl.


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