Los Angeles, CA | January 4, 2015 – The Golden Coast has been privileged to acquire a commanding talent in emerging MC, The Seige – a.k.a. Taz Conley. The Midwest-native relocated to LA for a fresh start, shaking things up with his ear-catching signature blend of hip-hop. The Seige is inspired by politics and current events, with influences ranging from Kanye West to Alice Cooper to Rage Against The Machine, and strives to make people believe in hip-hop again by bringing something fresh to the table. And people are taking notice – he’s had placements in film, TV, and advertisements, plus the opportunity to work with different musicians who helped push his genre-blending adventure. Today, The Seige has partnered with Uproxx’s Smoking Section to unveil the video for his latest single, “Natalie Portman,” featuring producer/DJ trio, Cheat Codes. The track masterfully melds juxtaposing genres crafting an anthemic rebellion song – but it’s The Seige’s lyrical flow over the driving Irish/Celtic guitar riff and pulsating drums that truly gives it something special. When asked about the inspiration behind the song Taz explained, “a message to everyone in the world that we don’t have to conform or do what is expected of us just because society says so. What you feel in your heart is always the right decision.”
The video treatment plays on the rebellion angle, and according to Taz, follows a band of misfits preparing for battle.He also shares, “I love the scenes in the video where myself and our female actor, who is also African American, embrace the other actors, who are white, lovingly and with passion. It sends an extremely deep message to the viewer that color doesn’t matter. When it’s time to fight for what we believe in, we’re all brothers and sisters. We didn’t sit down to write a charged up song about rioting in the streets, we just opened up ourselves to the universe and let it take us wherever it wanted us to go. That’s how it should happen every time.”
Watch “Natalie Portman” on Uproxx here: http://uproxx.it/1UqK1oU
About The Seige:
Los Angeles based hip-hop phenomenon The Seige is reinventing the perception of hip-hop, armed with a collection of hard-hitting songs penned during his relocation from Midwest America to the Golden State. The independent recording artist also known as Taz Conley seamlessly combines sharp, edgy, and enlightening lyrics with booming, gritty instrumentation to take his place at the head of a profound musical movement.
Stepping up as a voice for a generation overloaded with conflicting information, The Seige is set to shine a light on the grimy realities below the surface of everyday life. “I like to keep my music raw, informative, and eye opening,” says Conley. “I know that there are a lot of things that are put in the news that my generation doesn’t always know how to interpret, so I try to put the truth in words that they can understand and appreciate.” The Seige draws influence from a range of artists including Kanye West, Rage Against The Machine, Alice Cooper, and Public Enemy and uses their politically driven and often controversial histories as a guiding light while paving his own path. His ultimate goal is to make people believe in hip-hop again while relaying the crucial messages of his time, and he does so skillfully with fierce ‘in your face’ tracks like the upcoming single “Natalie Portman” that he created with the equally ambitious electronic trio Cheat Codes.
Tenacious and direct, The Seige is taking on the world.
Join the army. Join the Seige.
The Seige Online:

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