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The It Factor: When an A&R is presented with a complete body of work from an artist the first thing that we look for is “The It Factor”.  


1. Song/Tracks: We are looking for artist with industry standard production coupled with unique vocals.  Mastered tracks are preferred, but we will listen to “RAW” records from time to time.


2. Image: Is a BIG bonus, if you are having trouble in the image department we can help!  We have a team of image consultants that can create a tailored look around any artist personality.


3. Social Media: We typically look for artist that have a strong social media following/buzz because this tells us one of two things: that the artist has an organic movement and that they are taking their craft seriously.


4. Does this artist have real talent? This is subject to that particular A&R’s interpretation of Talent.


5. Does the artist represent their genre accurately? Meaning are they believable or do they fit the mold of that particular genre.


6. Do the have a real fan base? Fake fan hits are cool, but industry professionals are well aware of the “bots” used to manipulate social media systems and have ways to check on the authenticity of artist accounts.


7. Is the artist raw or seasoned? This simply means does the artist need artist development or are they ready for the first phase of branding.


8. Who represents the artist?  This is more important than you may think.  If an artist has proper representation it could mean the difference in getting a recording, merchandising, reality tv, movie, or endorsement contract.  Select your people (management, accountants, lawyers) carefully. Improper management could result in loss investment capital, poor record sales, no buzz, loss in confidence, and a failed career.


9. Does the artist have a budget?  If the artist has a budget or an investor it makes things much easier from an A&R standpoint.  If an artist has talent, but needs assistance then they can work with the artist to get their project points up to presentation level.


10. Does the artist really want this?  If an artist has all of the things in place but just needs a little push then I ask myself “Does This Artist Really Want This”? Meaning if I lend my energy to their movement will they burn out or throw in the towel once they’ve reached their perceived level of success?


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