Tunes audio, a well established OEM and ODM manufacturer of in-ear monitors for many well known brands, has signed a new deal with rapper Tyga making him part owner. The deal, worth 10 million dollars was signed on 9th August and is expected to draw major attention towards the company’s new line of Bluetooth audio products which will be launching this fall.
TUNES® reportedly raised 50 million dollars last quarter and is preparing a major marketing push to impact the headphone market in a large scale. The company has been well known for over two decades as one of the most reliable oem and odm manufacture for in-ear monitors for various brands all over the world. For years, TUNES® has hand molded countless amounts of in-ears for audiophiles, musicians, the hearing impaired, artist, which have been used on stages by some of the most famous artists worldwide.
Rolexandro Valentin, CEO of the Tunes, said, “We are really excited about signing a multi dollar deal with the young star. Not only is Tyga is a trendsetter and a driver of the culture, but he’s also a businessman. We look forward to building this company together. This is just the beginning.”
Boasting a social media footprint of over 27 MILLION followers, Tyga is one of the most powerful figures on the internet. With over 10 million records sold, multiple award nominations from Grammys to VMA’s and a new hit TV show “Kingin with TYGA” on MTV, Tyga remains one of the most relevant figures in hip hop culture. “I saw what TUNES was doing in the audio world so when they said they wanted to start making headphones, we partnered up.” Tyga continues “Only boss moves here.”
This is the first of several planned moves by the company with it sights set on becoming the go to name in headphones. visit TUNESaudio.com to follow updates about the Tunes upcoming product releases.

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