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“Blending a pop sound with an alternative urban twist, Victory’s latest effort is anthemic and inspiring.” – DJ Booth


New York, NY | October 27, 2015 – New York City has always been a hub of artists who create groundbreaking music. Cultivating talented acts who aren’t afraid to step outside the box and craft something personal and unique. Stepping into the ranks of those creative forces is Victory Jones, a pop artist with an edgy urban-alternative twist. Earlier this year Victory unveiled her debut single, the anthemic and uplifting, “Warriors”. The song is the first release from the upcoming EP, A Prelude To Victory, which this formidable woman is currently putting the finishing touches on. She also has a full album in the pipeline due for release later this year as well, entitled: Basements & Rooftops. “Warriors” is a biographical musical creation that tells the story of Victory Jones and her road to becoming Victory. It chronicles her journey of being down and out and then making a resolution to create the life she wanted by deciding to embrace her inner strength while staying true to who she is first: an artist. The hypnotic video can be found streaming exclusively on AfroPunk today.
When asked about the inspiration behind the video, Victory shares, “Warriors is a song about finding the knowledge and strength to pursue your passion and the decisions one must make to do so while on that journey. It’s a universal story of coming into one’s own, and making the choice to follow the ‘light’ or thing that your are drawn to most, whether its inside or external. It’s about surrendering and opening yourself up to the possibilities of going after your dreams, regardless of whats going on around you, in order to fulfill your destiny and live your best life. The Warriors video is a modern-day take on film noir. It represents my journey to self-discovery and contains a lot of visual metaphors. Almost every image in the video is symbolic of rising to embrace the inner warrior. A lot of these juxtaposing images, light vs. dark or innocence and naivety vs. knowledge and wisdom, represent the push and pull of opposing forces and how they shape who I am as a woman and artist.”


Meet Victory Jones, an American born, Jamaican bred recording artist and songwriter from New York. With a natural flair for fusing genres, specifically: urban and pop (with heavy dub influences), Victory is versatile, poetic and raw. There’s a certain swagger in her delivery, mixed with a playful transparency, revealing her undeniable vulnerability, all while playing over percussive eclectic beats. Three-time Grammy award winning producer, Syience, likens her to a chemist, “Sonically, this girl can mix water and oil and make it seem effortless. Her (creative) process is amazing. I don’t use the word genius often, but there’s something about her…The world is missing what she’s about to give them.”
The moniker Victory Jones came about in 2009 while Victory was living in Atlanta, GA. She was in the second of two girl groups at the time and working with Ne-Yo’s Compound production camp, when things somehow fell apart and she found herself “SOL” as she calls it. No money, no job, an expired production contract and insane amounts of debt coupled with the disbanding of her group almost plunged her into a deep depression. Until, after a few months of trying to put the pieces back together, she decided that she didn’t want to be on the “losing” end of a bad situation anymore. She wouldn’t’ be another victim of circumstance. She just wanted to win… She had a Jones for Victory. And so, Victory Jones was born.
Victory’s unique voice, “can do” attitude, and tenacious work ethic have led to many collaborations with sought after, well-known industry heavyweights, Missy Elliott, Timbaland, Usher, Britney Spears, Katherine McPhee (American Idol), Ne-Yo, and Salaam Remi. Basements & Rooftops, is the first step towards a movement which she hopes will garner as much success for her as it has for those she respects and admires in the industry.
Victory is currently working on her solo debut album, Basements & Rooftops, which she has fittingly labeled “urban alternative” because of its culture bending and blending of sounds, with an urban edge. Her ongoing collaborations with producer/artists Chris Reeder, Syience, and the Young Wolf Hatchlings have influenced the tone of this album. Inspired by her wild relationship with the music industry, Basements & Rooftops is a metaphor for the highs and lows of life, representing Victory’s take on the social scene in the concrete jungle of NYC, where some of “the City’s” best parties are often held in basements and on rooftops. To get fans ready she’ll be releasing a prequel EP entitled A Prelude to Victory in the coming weeks. Keep up with Victory online to hear the exclusive new content she’ll be unveiling soon!

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