Apparently Jim Jones didn’t get the word that most of the Air Jordan 11 “2 Rings” Ray Allen pairs floating around are fake.

The rapper and Dipset capo is caught here debating the authenticity of a pair of that very sneaker that’s come into his possession with PE collector Soley Ghost via his cell phone. It eventually leads to Jim agreeing to show Soley the photos in person. Spoiler alert: they’re fake. It probably didn’t help his judgment that he appears to be high as hell in the video here.

Jim hilariously defends the source of his Jordans, comparing it to that of Frank Lucas’s heroin supplier in American Gangster. “I got these shits from the same place Frank Lucas got his heron from,” Jones explains.

Catch Jimmy’s defense of his fake Jordans below, as well as a breakdown from collector Soley Ghost on the details that prove its fugazi status.


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