G Herbo Releases New Single “I Like” Today

G Herbo Releases New Single “I Like” Today
(“I Like” Cover Art)
August 11, 2017 – Chicago, IL – G Herbo released “I Like” today, the follow up to “Red Snow”, off his highly anticipated debut album, Humble Beast, via Machine Entertainment. The stripped-down DJ Ron-produced track finds G Herbo giving a detailed and candid description of his dream girl, a far cry from the deeply meaningful “Red Snow” – a painstaking description of Chicago’s tumultuous streets. “I Like” is available for streaming and purchase today. Humble Beast is set for release this September. Stay tuned for behind-the-scenes footage from the “I Like” video shoot soon to come on G Herbo’s Instagram Live!
About “I Like”, G Herbo says “‘I Like’ is just a funny record, a different side from the Red Snow record.  As soon as I heard the DJ Ron beat the hook just came to me. I previewed it on IG Live and the fans have been begging for it ever since…here it is!
Humble Beastexecutive produced by Josef “JB” Bowden and Mikkey Halsted – provides a portrayal of Chicago from G Herbo’s viewpoint, a product of Chicago’s gutter. The album features production by renowned producers, including No ID, London On The Track, Da Internz, South Side, Young Chop, C-Sick, and DJ Ron among others. Throughout the album, he explores what effect his upbringing has had on him both from a day-to-day perspective – as seen in “Red Snow” – and overall trajectory. The themes on the album highlight the chaos found in Chicago, and other beleaguered communities, in an effort to create a dialogue and inspire the youth to bring about change for themselves and their cities – while not forgetting to include lighthearted ‘turn up’ tracks like “I Like”.
G Herbo (formerly known as Lil Herb) was a member of XXL’s 2016 Freshman Class, he first gained momentum with the song “Kill Shit,” which has since been viewed over 26M times. Along with his music, G Herbo focuses on philanthropy within the city of Chicago, with a specific focus on Chicago’s youth by way of visiting schools and personally giving back to his community.  He believes that Chicago’s youth are in need of relatable guidance. Furthermore, his N.L.M.B (Never Leave My Brothers) movement focuses on inspiring and instilling a sense of accountability among Chicago’s youth. Now as he evolves both as an artist and human being, G Herbo’s music subscribes to a sound far larger and comprehensive than “drill.” To define his music as “drill” would be an understatement – a sentiment to be cemented by the release of Humble Beast this September.