ACStyle – “Midnight Text”

Artist Name: ACStyle
Video Title: Midnight Text
Directed: @ishotdat 
Edited: @j_spealz
Producer: Legion Beats

Not many artists have had the year ACSTYLE has had. After coming off her hit single “Ridin” featuring “Shawnna” that reached #9 on the FM radio charts in the Midwest AC kept the momentum going with her new R&B singles “Keep it on the low” and “Situationship” which is rapidly reaching the same popularity as “Ridin”. AC has been busy all over the country performing in shows with major artists like “Lil Wayne”, “Trey Songz”, “French Montana”, “Rick Ross”, and “Caskey”. Her popularity has sky rocketed so much that this Chicago based artist was nominated for “Best Female Rapper” at the 2015 NYC Underground Music Awards (The Biggest awards show of its kind in the united states) Previous winners include Nikki Minaj, J.Cole, Lil Mama, Styles P, Machine Gun Kelly, Ice-T, Naughty By Nature, and more.
Chicago artist Ashley “ACstyle” Coleman is no rookie when it comes to the music industry. Not only does she write, she’s a rapper, singer, model, actress, and entrepreneur with many side businesses under her belt. Her music genres consist of Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop, Techno, and Rock. When she’s not doing homework or a paper for college, preparing for a show, working on her own businesses (web designer/ event planner/ party host) or recording, from Evanston to the city of Chicago, catch her in the streets painting the town red. ACStyle also has her own clothing line which is being featured in several stores in the midwest area of the united states
In the first week 2016, AC was rolling with opportunities already. She released her video “Keep it on the Low” on New Years Day, which has already over 5,000 views.
“My single is really about a love story of how two people meet in a party or at the club, they eventually fall in love, but want to keep their relationship on the low to keep people out of their business to prevent problems”. and “Situationship” the controversial part 2 to “Keep it on the Low” 
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