After millions of plays and major media attention, Kidd Wes reveals the untold story

Tries to find balance on new LP
Eleven: The Junior Senior Year

Out NOW exclusively via EARMILK

“Kidd Wes has shown he is capable of making songs that bounce but also have a deeper meaning” – EARMILK
“To see him perform is to experience a legend in the making.” – A3C Festival Spotlight
“Special fast-rising rapper” – TripleHQ

MIAMI, FLORIDA – Ascending Miami artist, Kidd Wes, has released a highly anticipated sophomore LP Eleven: The Junior Senior Year. Out exclusively via EARMILK, the new album comes on the heels of a surging press and attention surrounding Kidd Wes’ recent releases. With over 2 million plays across Soundcloud and Youtube, and features on outlets such as 2DOPEBOYZ and The Hype Magazine, Kidd Wes has been making waves in the underground scene since dropping his 2015 debut LP Young World. Now back, Eleven: The Junior Senior Year is more than just a collection of songs, Kidd Wes tells a gripping story of growing up between hip hop meccas of Detroit, Atlanta and Miami. The album flows together like a movie and by the end the listener gains a perspective into the mind of the young hip-hop genius.
Kidd Wes’ highlights: In 2012, Kidd Wes worked alongside Timmy Thomas to co-produced the Thomas’ hit remix “Why Can’t We Live Together”, which later became the sample for Drake’s “Hotline Bling”. He has reached #9 spot on college radio charts with his 1st album Young World, which was then placed on Oxygen’s Bad Girls Club. Wes has performed to sold-out crowds at SXSW and A3C Festival. His defiant music video “Made In America”, dropped the day after the election, went viral on Youtube gaining 120K views with its tongue-in-cheek snarling at the establishment. Millions of plays later Kidd Wes’ statement is heard loud and clear across the media landscape: I am here to stay.

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