Another Major Studio (Ludacris, Nirvana & many more) Share Song

its been a while since ive stretched my vocal chords so heres a cover of my favorite song right now, “Remember Us This Way” preformed by Lady Gaga from the movie “A Star Is Born” hope you enjoy Official Lyric Video to my single #SummerNight Album out now: ***i do not own rights to this song song: Remember us this way singer: Alex Tru recorded by: Van Leeuwen

Madison Studios/Records who have employees such as James Barber (Nirvana and many more), Wyatt Oates mixed engineer for Wiz Khalifa, Ciara, Outkast and also Van’s mixing teacher in audio school along with Scott Kieklak (DMX, Beyonce, Lil Kim and more) and Louis Alfred III (Notorious BIG, Mobb Deep, Boyz II Men and more) who went along to give him recommendation letters getting him full time jobs at the top studios in Atlanta.

Here is the song they shared that dropped the other day.
With over 1k views since it dropped a few hours ago! The amazing country singing niece of NBA hall of fame legend Dominique Wilkins, Alex Tru, is back with a new cover to Lady Gaga’s “Remember Us This Way” and its phenomenal.

Check out the amazing video, feedback and constant support she’s receiving