“GORILLA” & “DON’T WANT TO BREAK UP” by Eric Shaun are #NerveDJs Priority

eric 2

Eric’s ability to connect with the music and vocally convey the emotive passion of his lyrics to listeners is one thing, among many, that sets Eric apart from other artists in today’s market.
As a child, Eric remembers the daily struggle his family endured trying to make ends meet.


Living in economically deprived neighborhoods at a young age, he remembers having difficulty in school with the other kids. Despite, always being judged for not having enough, but wanting to follow his dream to stardom, Eric continued working hard to be a performer.

He strives to be remembered as a performer akin to the likes of Prince, Luther Vandross, Michael Jackson and Babyface. With a voice smooth as silk that can transition and run up and down the scale with ease, it is likely Eric Shaun is in line to be the next symbol of R &B.