JorGMuziK’s NEW video “REGULAR JOE”

JorGMuziK’s NEW video “REGULAR JOE”, has a great message that hits home.

“Regular Joe”, tells an animated story about the consequences of ones actions and the visuals deliver a message in a way that’s creative on a delicate topic. Throughout the video, you’ll get introduced to the characters as they play out in the song. The beat produced by Dizzee gives it a delightfully ominous sound that keeps your head bobbing to the drums. Add a couple of rhymes accompanied by a story & a great message and its a rap (pun intended). Mixed & mastered at the Urban Union Recording Studios located in Miami, JorGMuzik’s smooth vocals makes the track easy to enjoy & the story line keeps you entertained. Check out ‘Regular Joe” now and make sure to like and share with your peeps!