Latin Cross-Over Artist Daniela Brooker’s New Single “Body Language”

“Body Language” boasts Daniela’s Latin tinge flair with sultry Spanglish vocals amplified by a Pop/R&B soundscape. When asked about the single Daniela said, “I just want people to get lost in the music for those three minutes and feel good.”  Since debuting the single, the Venezuelan-British singer has received a positive reception from Pop/R&B music enthusiast. PopDust wrote, “Brooker’s sensual voice will heat up any candle-lit date romantic evening. Sung in both English and Spanish, you don’t need to be bilingual to understand the language of attraction.”
“Body Language” could potentially garner attention comparable to Daniela’s breakout music video, “Mariposas” which has gained more than three million views since dropping in September. Daniela added, “The song [“Body Language”] is about how it doesn’t matter where you are from or the language you speak when you have true chemistry and attraction.”