new vid: Kanye & Bon Iver collab’r’s woozy debut vid


CYMI, Velvet Negroni released “First Time,” a raw, experimental R&B track earlier this fall. Today, its video drops: a woozy night escapade from a bodega freezer to the streets of his native Minneapolis to being chauffeured by a geriatric vintage car driver:
The track is produced by Psymun (The Weeknd, Young Thug) and Elliott Kozel (Tickle Torture), and features Sir Dylan (The Weeknd, Solange) on bass. The video is directed by Ethan Nelson and shot in Minneapolis, MN.
In the last year, Velvet Negroni was sampled by Kanye West and Kid Cudi on “Feel The Love (ft. Pusha T)” and joined Bon Iver on tour. A lot more to come.