Park Avenue “I Never Had It So Good” Off New Album Soulpilation On So South

When Park Avenue bandleader, producer & original Tony Toni Toné member Elijah “EB” Baker walked
out of prison – the Big Spring Federal Correctional Institution in Texas – he left with more than just the
shirt on his back. Released from the joint with a fresh batch of new songs in his pocket, tunes he had
composed on the clinks’ own acoustic guitar – an instrument he only began to master during his 4 year
stretch inside, being a professional bass player first and foremost – the fruits of Baker’s hard labor included an albums worth of material he wrote for his northern California super-group Park Avenue, andtheir brand new Record Soulpilation.
The music on Soulpilation is played with the passion,” explains Elijah, “with live instrumentation,
authentic and timeless, a sound kept true to what we believe as a group. Not a sound that’s gonna change
every three months
‘Soulpilation’ will be released on (date) via Ambitious Records/Suave House Ent.