Rapper Bhadwaiz Premieres New Single “My Wave” With Above Average Hip-Hop

March 27, 2018 (New York, New York) – Ohio-based rap artist Bhadwaiz premieres his latest single, “My Wave”  with Above Average Hip-Hop. The track is his first release of 2018.

Bhadwaiz wants “My Wave” to be an anthem for hip-hop fans. He explains, This song is a mixture between the new and traditional age hip-hop.” The slightly manipulated vocal effects blend with the sweet guitar riffs and hard-hitting lyrics. Above Average Hip-Hop wrote, “Having generated some buzz on the Ohio scene for a minute, his first release of 2018, “My Wave,” is poised to take him to the next level.”

“My Wave” focuses on rising to the top with confidence, “All I really wanna do is ride my wave.” The slight autotune effect enhances the style of the song and it’s catchy refrain creates a head-bop worthy listening experience.

With the release of “My Wave,” Bhadwaiz plans to spread his talent beyond his cities limits. When asked about the single he said, “Straight to the point, I want this song to be the anthem for people who want to do their own thing, their own way, and without any doubt. This song is a mixture between the new and traditional age hip-hop. When I say that, I mean the production is similar to what you hear today but the lyrics is what make the track stand out. Lyrics with meaning and substance with a hard banging beat is the perfect way to gain music fans of both worlds, trap and semi-conscious. When people here this for the first time, I want them too take notice of what I’m trying to do and what lane I’m in. I want people to appreciate this track in all aspects and I know they will. I’m very confident, if done right; it will be my breakout track and I can’t wait for what’s in store after this. Like I said “All I Really Want To Do Is Ride My Wave.”

“My Wave” by Bhadwaiz is available now on iTunes. For more information about Bhadwaiz please refer to the social media links below.