New York, New York – September 22, 2017: RVMK Records/Sony Music Latin is excited to announce the release of Two Beats, One Soul – a 13 track album showcasing the fusion of Cuban and American music. The album, executive produced by Ray Chew and Vivian Scott Chew along with their partners Mark and Kathy Grier, celebrates and explores the evolution of two cultures focused on Cuba’s impact on worldwide music by recreating traditional Cuban sounds and rhythms in today’s musical landscape. Two Beats, One Soul features music from producers Ray Chew, Louie Vega, Sergio George and Cuba’s own, Manolito Simonet. Simonet also joins fellow Cuban artists Ruben and Gabriel Rodriguez, Xiomara Laugart, Milagros Hodelin and Etian Brebaje Man. Representing the US are R&B/Soul mainstays Eric Benét, Jon B. and Josh Milan. Rounding out the project is Latin/Pop; Latin Soul artists Jean Rodriguez and Anané. And adding the cherry on top of this musical and cultural collaboration are reggae artists Shaggy and Red Fox.

Listen to lead single from the project, “I Can’t Live” by
 Jean Rodriguez and Sergio George here:
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Accumulating more than 17 Grammy Awards among all participating artists, the album is released digitally today, September 22nd which precedes the physical release on October 13th. Accompanying the soulful album will be a long and short form documentary directed by Billie Woodruff, also titled “Two Beats, One Soul,” shot in the country of Cuba. The documentary, to be released in October, visually walks through the album making process, giving supporters an upfront glimpse into the Cuban culture and lifestyle through a musical lens. For a taste of what to expect, listen to the lead single off the project “The World is A Family” produced by Louie Vega and featuring Josh Milan.

“This is an anthem of survival. This project is proof that the music not only survived. It shook hands with all nations…. And it prospered.” – Pablo Guzman

The album is a love letter to Cuba’s rich musical influence – spanning from the vibrant cities in the north to the southern shores of the Caribbean island. Two Beats, One Soul explores the musical communities of Guines (birthplace of Tata Guines, the father of Afro-Cuban music or better known as “The King of Congas”), Matanzas – best known for its poets and dance traditions like the Danzón and the rumba – and of course the country’s capital Havana. Drawing inspiration from the pulse of the people and the rich history of the region, the producers and artists created 13 infectious songs that best represent the marriage of Cuban and American influences. Part Cubano affair and part modern, urban and dance music, the album will get the best of us swaying, tapping our feet and salsa dancing in the streets – a scene straight from the calle de Cuba. For a full list of tracks and artists, please see below.

Since the 19th century, Cuban music has been hugely popular and influential throughout the world. Cuban music has contributed to the development of a wide variety of genre and musical styles including rumba, Afro-Cuban jazz, salsa and more. Working alongside a team of talented producers and artists Two Beats, One Soul aims to showcase the impact of Cuba’s rich musical history by connecting the beat, vibration and soul of the past to the present. Bringing the entire project together is executive producer and principal visionary, Vivian Scott Chew of RVMK Records. A music industry veteran, having worked at Epic Records/Sony Music, Vivian is best known for introducing the music of another Caribbean island-Jamaica-to the mainstream U.S. audience garnering multi-platinum selling dancehall music records. The album is also executive produced by Ray Chew, an illustrious musical director and producer known for his talents across television programs and live televised events. The pair combine their years of music industry knowledge and love for Cuban rhythms and melodies to create an audible experience like nothing else on the market.

 Two Beats, One Soul Official Tracklist + Production Credits


1.     Sounds of Cuba – Etian “Brebaje Man”, Red Fox, Ray Chew

Produced by Ray Chew – Written by Ray Chew, Etian “Brebaje Man”, Gareth Shelton

2.     Caliente – Ruben & Gabriel Rodriguez

Produced by Ray Chew/Co-Produced by Manolito Simonet– Written by Ray Chew, Ruben & Gabriel Rodriguez

3.     The World Is A Family – Louie Vega featuring Josh Milan

Produced by Louie Vega/Associate Produced by Ray Chew – Written by Josh Milan, Luis F. Vega, Axel Tosca

4.     I Can’t Live – Jean Rodriguez

Produced by Sergio George and Ray Chew – Written by Jean Rodriguez, Sergio George

5.     Zun Zun – Xiomara Laugart

Produced by Ray Chew – Written by Ray Chew, Xiomara Laugart, Axel Tosca

6.     The Rhythm – Eric Benét

Produced by Ray Chew – Written by Ray Chew, Eric Benét

7.     Asi – Ruben & Gabriel Rodriguez featuring Shaggy

Produced by Ray Chew– Written by Ray Chew, Ruben & Gabriel Rodriguez and Orville Burrell

8.     Music and Life – Louie Vega featuring Anané Vega

Produced by Louie Vega – Written by Josh Milan, Luis F. Vega

9.     Havana Moon – Jon B.

Produced by Ray Chew/Co-Produced by Jon B. – Written by Ray Chew, Jon B.

10.  Este Son Me Basta – Louie Vega featuring Xiomara Laugart, Josh Milan and Axel Tosca

Produced by Louie Vega/Associate Produced by Ray Chew – Written by Luis F. Vega, Josh Milan, Xiomara Laugart, Ray Chew

11.  Me Enamore – Milagros Hodelin

Produced by Ray Chew/ Co-Producer Manolito Simonet – Written by Ray Chew, Milagros Hodelin

12.  En La Habana – Ruben & Gabriel Rodriguez featuring Ricardo Amaray

Produced by Manolito Simonet and Ray Chew – Written by Manolito Simonet

13.  Canto De Cuba – Louie Vega featuring Akemis Teran

Produced by Louie Vega and Ray Chew – Written by Luis F. Vega, Ray Chew



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